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Beas Kund Trek Package

Beas Kund is located near the popular town of Manali at an altitude of approximately 12,772 feet above sea level. Beas Kund is a glacial lake believed to be the source of the Beas River.

The Beas Kund is one of the best place for trek lovers. The trekking distance of Beas Kund is about 16 kilometers and normally takes 4 days to complete. The difficulty of trek is easy to moderate.

Most of the trekkers prefer to book Beas Kund Trek Package online and the ideal time to trek Beas Kund is from June to September, when the weather is most favorable.

We provide Beas Kund Trek Package to make your trek successful with lots of good and unforgettable memories.

Beas Kund Trek Price

All accomodation, meals, support, equipment, and first aid charges are included in the mentioned Beas Kund Trek Price.

Days Fare Gender
4 Days ₹6999 Male/Female

Beas Kund Trek Itinerary

Beas Kund Trek - Map

Here is a perfect itinerary plan for Beas Kund Trek :

    Day 1: Manali to Dhundi (Drive) and Dhundi to Palchhani Thatch (Trek).

  • Altitude Gain: 9,324 to 10,136 ft.
  • Drive Distance: 14.1 Km.
  • Drive Duration: 1 Hour.
  • Transport Cost: ₹2,000/vehicle.
  • Trek Distance: 1.5 Km.
  • Trek Duration: 1 Hour.
  • Summary: Around 8 AM, a driver will pick you up from Manali and will reach Dhundi before 10 AM. All the trek leaders and other fellow trekkers will meet there to start our trek. at 11 AM we will start our trek from Dhundi to Palchhani Thatch.
  • Day 2: Palchhani Thatch to Lohali.

  • Altitude gain: 10,136 to 11,050 ft.
  • Trek distance: 4 Km.
  • Trek Duration: 4 Hours.
  • Summary: Around 11 AM, all the trek leaders and other fellow trekkers will start trek from Palchhani Thatch to Lohali. Lohali is a famous campsite on the trek route to Beas Kund. The way to Lohali has pretty views with green meadows, tall trees, and big mountains.
  • Day 3: Lohali to Beas Kund and return to Lohali.

  • Altitude gain: 11050 to 12,775.
  • Trek distance: 5 Km.
  • Trek Duration: 8 Hours.
  • Summary: Around 11 AM, all the trek leaders and other fellow trekkers will start trek from Lohali to Beas Kund and return to Lohali. The trek to Beas Kund has beautiful sights, like snow-covered mountains, and the calm, clear lake.
  • Day 4: Lohali to Dhundi (Trek). Dhundi to Manali (Drive).

  • Altitude loss: 11050 to 9,324 ft.
  • Trek distance: 4 Km.
  • Trek Duration: 4 Hours.
  • Transport Cost: ₹2,000/vehicle.
  • Summary: Around 11 AM, all the trek leaders and other fellow trekkers will start trek from Lohali to Dhundi. At last we will drive from Dhundi to Manali with lots of happy and unforgettable memories.

Must-Have Items for Your Beas Kund Trek

Basic Gear: Essential items like a backpack, sleeping bag, and trekking poles.

Names Details
Backpack with Rain Cover: A backpack with a rain cover to keep your gear dry (60Ltr).
Day Pack with Rain Cover: A smaller day pack with a rain cover for short hikes (30Ltr).
Trekking Poles: Durable walking sticks for stability on the trail.
Water Bottle: A reliable water container to stay hydrated.
Small Lunch Box: One tiffin or lunch box for your meals.
Snacks: Nutritious snacks for energy during the trek (Dry fruits or ORS).
Personal Medical Kit: Your own first aid kit with essential medications and supplies.

Clothes: Suitable clothing for the trek, including layers, rain jacket, and extra socks.

Names Details
Rain Gear: One waterproof jacket and pants.
Insulated Jacket: One Jacket filled with down feathers or synthetic material for extra warmth.
Thermal Base Layer: One Upper and lower thermal innerwear.
Quick-Dry Trek Pants: Three Trek pants that dry quickly.
Quick-Dry T-Shirt: Synthetic t-shirt that dries quickly (2 Full & Half Sleeves).
Fleece T-Shirt: One Warm fleece t-shirt for insulation.
Windproof or Fleece Pants: One Pant to protect against wind or provide warmth.
Windproof or Fleece Jacket: One Jacket to protect against wind or provide warmth.
Waterproof Jacket: One Jacket to keep you dry in wet conditions.
Waterproof Gloves: One pair of gloves to keep your hands dry.
Insulating Gloves: One pair of warm fleece or woollen gloves.

Head Gear: Items to protect your head, like hats, caps, and sunglasses.

Names Details
Headlamp: A light to wear on your head for hands-free illumination.
Sun Hat: A cap to protect you from the sun.
Warm Hat: A woolen cap to keep your head warm.
Face Mask: Not Required.
Neck Warmer: A buff or neck-gaiter to keep your neck warm.
Sunglasses: Glasses to protect your eyes from the sun.

Foot Gear: Trekking boots and comfortable socks for the trek.

Names Details
Trekking Shoes: One Supportive shoes for hiking on various terrains.
Cotton Socks: Pair of two soft socks for everyday comfort.
Gaiters: Protective gear to keep dirt and water out of your shoes.
Woolen Socks: Two warm socks to keep your feet warm in cold weather.
Micro Spikes: One traction devices for better grip on slippery surfaces.
Floaters or Flip-Flops: One Comfortable footwear for relaxing or crossing streams.

Personal Gear: Toiletries, medications, and other personal essentials.

Names Details
Lip Balm: To keep your lips from getting dry or chapped.
Sunscreen: Cream to protect your skin from the sun.
Quick-Dry Towel: A towel that dries fast and is easy to carry.
Toilet Paper and Wipes: For personal hygiene.
Soap or Hand Sanitizer: To clean your hands.
Moisturizer: Lotion to keep your skin hydrated.
Toothbrush and Toothpaste: For brushing your teeth.
Antibacterial Powder: Powder to keep your feet fresh and clean.

Key Points to Remember Before You Start Your Beas Kund Trek

These are some of the basic things to keep in mind before you start your Beas Kund Trek

  • You must be at least 10 years old to join.

  • Beginners are welcome, but past trekking experience is better.

  • You need to be fit and able to walk 5 km in 35 minutes without getting too tired.

  • You should be able to carry a 10 kg backpack.

  • You must bring a copy of your photo ID for the forest check posts on the trek.

  • You will share a tent with one other person for the whole trek.

Fitness Requirement for Beas Kund Trek

These are some of the fitness requirement before you start your Beas Kund Trek.

  • Fitness: You must cover 5 km in under 35 minutes to meet the fitness requirements.

  • Pulse Rate: At rest, your pulse rate should be between 60 to 90 beats per minute.

  • Blood Pressure: Your blood pressure should be within the range of 70-90 mm Hg (Diastolic) and 100-140 mm Hg (Systolic).

  • Respiratory Rate: At rest, your breathing rate should be between 12 to 20 breaths per minute.

  • Health Conditions: You should not have liver or kidney issues.

  • Pre-existing Conditions: You should not have diabetes, bronchial asthma, heart problems, or hypertension.

  • Pacemaker: You should not have a pacemaker implant.

  • Medical Concerns: If you have sinus issues or epilepsy, please consult our trek coordinator before booking.

  • BMI: If your BMI is outside the normal range, please talk to our trek coordinator before booking the trek.

  • Simple Tips to achieve this fitness requirement?

  • Warm Up Properly: Start with a 5-10 minute warm-up of brisk walking or light jogging.

  • Follow a Training Plan: Stick to a structured plan with a mix of easy runs, speed work, and long runs.

  • Incorporate Speed Intervals: Add speed intervals like 1 minute fast running and 2 minutes slow recovery.

  • Maintain Good Form: Keep an upright posture, relaxed shoulders, and steady breathing.

  • Gradually Increase Pace: Improve your pace week by week with faster short runs and interval training.

Inclusions and Exclusions


  • Accommodation: We give you a camping facility during the trek.

  • Meals During Trek: We give you food (Veg and Eggs) during the trekking.

  • Camping Charges: We cover the costs for setting up the camps.

  • Trek Equipment: We give you all the gear you need like tents and sleeping bags.

  • Safety Equipment: We provide safety stuff like helmets and ropes.

  • First Aid: We have basic medical supplies to help with small injuries.

  • Support: Our experienced guides and staff are there to help you all the time.


  • Food During Transit: No food while traveling to and from the Manali.

  • Transport Cost: You pay for your own travel during Manali to Gulaba.

  • Cloakroom: No place to store your extra stuff.

  • Rentals: Rental Gears (Trekking shoes, clothes etc).

  • Offloading on the Trek: No service for carrying your backpack.

  • Cutlery: Bring your own tiffin boxes, bottles, and mugs.

  • Personal Expenses: You pay for your own things like snacks.

  • Mule or Porter for Personal Luggage: You carry your own stuff.

  • Emergency Hospitalization: You pay for any medical emergencies.

  • Anything Not Mentioned Under Inclusion.

Beas Kund Trek Overview

Beas Kund Trek - View

Beas Kund Trek Time & Distance

  • Trek Distance: 16 Km
  • Trek Duration: 4 Days
  • Trek Altitude: 12,772 Ft
  • Trek Difficulty: Moderate
Beas Kund Trek - View

Best Time to Visit

  • May
  • June
  • July
  • August
Beas Kund Trek - River

Camping and Food

  • Two Person Camp
  • Veg & Egg Meals
  • 3 Times Meal
  • Water Available
Beas Kund Trek - Mountain

Beas Kund Trek Route

  • Dhundi ->
  • Palchhani Thatch ->
  • Lohali ->
  • Beas Kund ->



What is the distance of the Beas Kund Trek?

The distance for the Beas Kund Trek is divided into two main parts:

  1. Manali to Dhundi: Approximately 14.1 km by road.
  2. Dhundi to Beas Kund: About 8 Km trekking distance.


What is the best Beas Kund Trek package?

The best Beas Kund Trek package usually takes 4 days and includes transportation from Manali to Dhundi, a trek to Palchhani Thatch, a day trek to Lohali, a day trek to Beas Kund, and return to Manali.


What is the price of the Beas Kund Trek package?

The price for the Beas Kund Trek package is ₹6,999 per person, which includes camping, basic gears, and meals during the trek.


When is the best time to go on the Beas Kund Trek?

The best time for the Beas Kund Trek is from May to September when the weather is pleasant and not very cold, making it ideal for trekking.


Can you complete the Beas Kund Trek in one day?

No, the Beas Kund Trek cannot be completed in one day. It usually takes 4 days to complete the trek.


What does the 2-day Beas Kund Trek?

The Beas Kund Trek cannot be completed in two day. It usually takes 4 days to complete the trek.


What is the altitude of Beas Kund on the trek?

The altitude of Beas Kund on the trek is 12,772 feet above sea level.

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